AUGUST 15-20, 2023


Miss Altamont Fair Pageant


Tuesday 10:00 AM in the Dutch Barn

The Miss Altamont Fair Pageant gives contestants an opportunity to showcase their inner and natural beauty, speaking ability in a public environment, enhance their personal and professional skills in order to achieve their educational and professional goals; and become a positive representative of the Altamont Fair as well as their communities.

Winners and alternates in each division make appearances during Fair Week and on behalf of the Fair during the year (2021-2022).

Program books will be available for no charge at the competition. Family, friends and local organizations are invited to purchase space in the program book for advertisements or good luck wishes. Ad sales must be completed and submitted to the Fair office by August 1st. They will have the actual pageant where the girls wear their sporting attire, evening gown competition and that kind of thing. Then everyone waits with baited breath and the winners are crowned.


Join the Miss Altamont Fair court to make paper crowns! 

Wednesday 11am at the Miss Altamont Fair Booth at Ag & Science Building

Sunday 1pm at the Miss Altamont Fair Booth at Ag & Science Building 


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