AUGUST 15-20, 2023


Midway ride list


Welcome Dreamland Amusements

We are very excited to bring back Dreamland Amusements to bring their premier carnival and midway to the Altamont Fair for 2022.  

New this year - Samba Ballons for the younger set! 

Look for Super Himalaya  –  Beautifully lit and one of the fastest rides in the country. Gravity will rule your moments on this ride as you spin to the side of your seat faster than a speeding train…….. bring your bestie with you for the ride of your life!

Check out the Super Cyclone Roller Coaster! Our fantastic Super Cyclone Rollercoaster is ready to bring you a fast thrill you won’t forget! The unique cars travel in pairs so 8 riders at a time can experience the loops and slopes. It’s a great ride for families and friends to enjoy together!

Remember - you receive UNLIMITED RIDES with paid admission - all day long! 


Here is the ride list! 

Beatazon Himalaya

Super Cyclone Roller Coaster

Dream Wheel

Dream Catcher

Rock Star


Star Ship 2000


Flying Bobs

Giant Swing

Super Slide

Scooter Bumper Cars


Fun House *

Glass House *

Dark Ride *


Tilt A Whirl

Wacky Worm

Jumbo Elephant 



Pharoh's Phury


Kiddie Rides 

Samba Ballons

Happy Swing

Dizzy Dragon

Jr Pilot Helicopter

Fire Engine

Fiesta Balloon Wheel

Jalopy Junction

Tea Cup


Motorcycle Jumbo

Mini Jet

Mini Enterprise



* these rides require closed toe shoes for safety. 


The ride list is always subject to change. 


 Midway and Carnival Hours of Operation

Tuesday - opens at 2 pm, closes at 10 pm

Wednesday - opens at 12 noon, closes at 10 pm 

Thursday - opens at 12 noon, closes at 10 pm 

Friday - opens at 12 noon, closes at 11 pm 

Saturday - opens at 12 noon, closes at 11 pm 

Sunday - opens at 12 noon, closes at 8 pm