AUGUST 16-21, 2022


Horse Barn Show


The horse show features equestrian enthusiasts and their mounts. All breeds of horse are welcome to participate in sport horse, dressage, and other riding events. Riders are judged on their form and ability to partner with their horses. Horses are judged on their rideability and good manners. Support your favorite rider and horse as they vie for the honor of the blue ribbon.

Drill teams take the horse show competition to the next level. This entertaining competition features groups of horses and riders presenting choreographed routines set to music. Teams are judged on ability, coordination, originality, and crowd appeal. Competitors demonstrate not just good horsemanship, but also a strong sense of teamwork and sportsmanship.

Gymkhana presents riders and horses he opportunity to demonstrate precision, controlled movements, tight teamwork, and - most importantly - speed! This exciting event includes speed pattern racing and timed games such as pole bending, dash racing, barrel racing.

All Horse Shows located at the Horse Show Ring

Check out the entry information in Department A - Equine 

or the - Open Horse Show - Saturday