AUGUST 15-20, 2023


Altamont Fair History Museum

The first Altamont fair in September 1893 was the beginning of a tradition in the commuinty which has withstood the test of time.

The first fair was situated on a 24 acre plot of land which to this day is part of the 128 acre site occupied and owned by the Albany, Schenectaday, Greene Couny Agricultural and Historical Societies, Inc. also known as the Altamont Fair.

The Secretary, Treasurer and Fine Art buildings erected in the late 1890's still survive today while many other buildings have fallen to fires, disrepair and other misfortunes over the last plus 100 years. 

The Fair History Museum is home to many proclamations the Altamont Fair has received, an intricate model created by Everett Rau of the Dutch Barn, many antiques used in homes and on farms in the rural area in and around Altamont, glass showcases filled with old pictures of fair buildings and happenings, a milk bottle collectiion representing many area dairies, plus much more.

The revolving exhibits and themes make this a "must visit" stop during your time at the Altamont Fair.