AUGUST 16-21, 2022


Daily Schedule



Check out each day at the Altamont Fair - so many activities to choose from! 

» Tuesday – August 16

» Wednesday – August 17

» Thursday – August 18

» Friday – August 19

» Saturday – August 20

» Sunday – August 21


The 2022 map of the Fairgrounds

» map of the altamont fairgrounds Download the printable 2022 Altamont Fairgrounds Map Altamont Fair Map as a printable PDF


Helpful Tips to make your Altamont Fair experience more fun!

1. Make a plan of where to meet on the fairgrounds in case you are split up.

2. Make note of where you came in - all the gates are numbered. 

3. Make sure to bring medications with you in case of an emergency.

4. Bring a stroller/wagon for the kids - there is a lot of ground to cover! 

5. Bring sunscreen and apply often! Sunscreen will be available for purchase at the Altamont Country Store.  

6. Lost child - Talk to your children about what to do if they get lost. All fair staff have      been trained to assist. Make sure you have a recent picture of your child. We recommend taking a picture of your child at the gate you came in. Your child should go to a person with a name badge within a  building, at any of the five gates or a person in a security uniform. 

7. If you have a large party, be sure to designate a time and place to meet if you are separated. 

8. Open toed shoes, sandels and flip-flops are not allowed on many of the rides.

9. Saving the midway for last. If you use Gate 5 off of Altamont-Voorheesville Rd, take a right as you enter the fairgrounds. This will take you in a counter clockwise direction around the entire fairgrounds, saving the rides until last.