AUGUST 13-18, 2019


Saturday August 18th, 2018

  9:00 am            Closed Horse Show (Main Horse Ring)

10:00 am             Northeastern Woodworkers Assoc. (Village & Carriage Museum)

11:00 am             Fiber Demo (Wool Nook)

                           Museum Walking Tours (Starts at Fair Museum)

                           4-H Jr. Iron Chef (4-H Building)

11:30 am             Hollywood Racing Pigs (Gate 3)

12:00 pm             Dreamland Amusement Midway Opens

                            Michael DeSchalit- Magic Show (Reid Northrup Stage)

                           Wool Spinning Bee (Sheep and Goat Ring)

                           Egg/Spoon Race (In front of Reid Northrup Stage) Free kids contest!

12:30 pm             Axe Women Loggers of Maine (Grandstand)

                           Musician Lexie Paddon (Fine Arts Bldg. Gazebo)       

1:00 pm              Circus Hollywood (Infield)

                           Matchbox Car Races (Cars: Past, Present and Future) Free kids contest

                           Goat Judge Along (Sheep and Goat Ring)

                           Antique Farm Equipment Demo (Farm Machinery Bldg)

                           Press Seltzer Samples until 4 pm (Beer Saloon on 1st Ave.)

1:30 pm               Michael DeSchalit- Magic Show (Reid Northrup Stage)

                           Sherman’s Lumberjack Show (Village & Carriage Museum)

2:00 pm               Hollywood Racing Pigs (Gate 3)

                            Uncharted Wild (Office Gazebo)

                            Lasso the Steer (The Barnyard) Free kids contest!

                            Root Beer Floats until 5 pm- Alcohol and Non- Alcohol for sale                                         (1890’s Bldg. Saloon)

                             Kid’s Muffin Competition-12 and under (Blue Ribbon Cooking Center)

2:30 pm                 Dynamo Dogs (Infield)

                             Musician Lexie Paddon (Fine Arts Bldg.Gazebo)

3:00 pm                 Circus Hollywood (Infield)

                              "Downtown” Bob & Those Dangerous Bluesmen (Reid Northrup                                                   Stage)

                              Sheep Blocking and Trimming Contest (Sheep and Goat Ring)

                              Fiber Demo (Wool Nook)

                              Bean Bag Toss Contest (Circus Museum) Free kids contest!

                              Museum Walking Tours (Starts at Fair Museum)

3:15 pm                 Youth (12 & under) Chocolate Chip Cookie Comp. sponsored by Anne                                             Marie’s Candy

3:30 pm                 Sherman’s Lumberjack Show (Village & Carriage Museum)

4:00 pm                 Axe Women Loggers of Maine (Grandstand)

                             Uncharted Wild (Office Gazebo)

4:30 pm                 Hollywood Racing Pigs (Gate 3)

                              Dynamo Dogs (Infield)

5:00 pm                 Musician Lexie Paddon (Fine Arts Bldg. Gazebo)

5:30 pm                 Father Jeffrey L’Arche, La Salette Shrine Vigil Mass (Chapel)

                             Sherman’s Lumberjack Show (Village & Carriage Museum)

6:00 pm                 Circus Hollywood (Infield)

                              Michael DeSchalit- Master Hypnotist (Reid Northrup Stage)

6:30 pm                 Dynamo Dogs (Infield)

                             World Flute Music & Native American Storytelling (Fine Arts Gazebo)

6:45 pm                 King Arthur Flour Cinnamon Buns Competition (Blue Ribbon Cooking                                            Center)

7:00 pm                 Uncharted Wild (Office Gazebo)

                             4-H Master Showmen Show (Cattle Show Ring)

                             Antique Farm Equipment Demo (Farm Machinery Bldg)

                             Ladies and Gentlemen’s Lead Line (Sheep & Goat Ri

7:30 pm                 Axe Women Loggers of Maine (Grandstand)

8:00 pm                 Big Sky Country (Reid Northrup Stage)

10:00 pm               Exhibits Close