AUGUST 17-22, 2021


Dynamo Dogs


Through performances with her canine team, Gail Mirabella not only entertains but also shows audiences how a happy and healthy relationship with a dog starts from within, beginning with a proper diet and exercise. Gail supports the belief that with a little time, patience and positive training, anyone can create a special bond with their dog.

Gail began competing in canine flying disc competitions in 1996.  She began putting on Frisbee® Dog shows in 1997, with her first dog Austin.  She is the first and only woman from the Northeast that has ever won a regional event or qualified at either the Alpo Canine Disc World Championship or the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Nationals.  In 1999 and 2000, Gail was the only competitor in the United States to qualify for both the Alpo Canine Disc World Championship and the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Nationals.  In 2001 her peers voted her "Best Female Player of the Year."

Gail presents a high energy, fast paced, exciting act featuring agility and disc dog skills.  Her unique presentation showcases the dogs’ abilities.  She brings out the best in her dogs thanks to the genuine bond and affection shared with them.  Gail’s passion for the dogs is displayed as they perform as a team throughout each routine.

Dynamo Dogs will perform daily on the Infield at 2:30pm, 4:30pm and 6:30pm.